CS223A : Introduction to Robotics, Winter 2016

Class : Mon, Wed 3.00-4.20pm. Gates B3.

Course Reader available at the Bookstore.

Office Hours location: Gates 119/120. (AI Lab Open Area / Fishbowl.)

This introduction to the basic modeling, design, planning, and control of robot systems provides a solid foundation for the principles behind robot design. You will learn the basic methodologies and tools in robotics research and applications to move forward and experiment further in the robotics field.


Oussama Khatib

Office hours : TBD Webpage

Gerald Brantner

Course Assistant
Office hours : TBD

Shameek Ganguly

Course Assistant
Office hours : TBD


Date Lecture Handouts Homework (all due @ 4pm. Box in front of Gates 144)
Mon, Jan 4 Introduction & Course Review
Wed, Jan 6 Spatial descriptions 1
Mon, Jan 11 Spatial descriptions 2 (Guest Lecturer: Torsten Kröger)
Wed, Jan 13 Forward Kinematics 1 & 2 (Guest Lecturer: Torsten Kröger)
Mon, Jan 18 Holiday (Martin Luther King)
Wed, Jan 20 Vision in Robotics (Guest Lecturer: Silvio Savarese)
Mon, Jan 25 Jacobians
Wed, Jan 27 Jacobians: Velocities
Mon, Feb 1 Jacobians: Explicit Form
Wed, Feb 3 Jacobians: Static Forces
Wed, Feb 3 Review 1 Group I (Time TBD, Gates 119)
Mon, Feb 8 Inverse Kinematics (Guest Lecturer: Torsten Kröger)
Mon, Feb 8 Review 1 Group II (Time TBD, Gates 119)
Wed, Feb 10 Trajectory Generation (Guest Lecturer: Torsten Kröger)
Mon, Feb 15 Holiday (President’s Day)
Wed, Feb 17 Midterm Examination (in class)
Mon, Feb 23 Dynamics: Acceleration and Inertia
Wed, Feb 24 Dynamics: Explicit Form
Mon, Feb 29 Control: PID control
Wed, Mar 2 Control: Joint space control
Mon, Mar 7 Control: Operational space formulation & Force control
Mon, Mar 7 Review 2 Group I (Time TBD, Gates 119)
Wed, Mar 9 Advanced Topics
Wed, Mar 9 Review 2 Group II (Time TBD, Gates 119)
Mon, Mar 14 Final Examination (Time TBD)


Component Contribution to Grade
Homework 30%
Midterm 25%
Final 45%
Total 100%