CS225A : Homework 3

Due : October 30, 2014

This homework is meant to compare various controllers taught in Introduction to Robotics (CS223A). Students will start of with controlling a Puma 560 in a simulated environment and proceed on to verify the simulated results on the actual platform.

Please direct questions to Piazza.

NOTE : If you do not have LaTeX installed on your computer, there is an online LaTeX editor that is easy to use.

Step 1

Please download the homework instructions and the simulator. This is a group homework, so please work on it and submit a report as a group. The simulator runs on Windows OS. If none of the group members has a Windows OS, please let the TAs know and we will allocate one of the lab's Windows PCs to your group.

Step 2

Once you have done so, please complete the assignments at the end. Please complete all the simulation assignments (Q1, Q3) before running the controllers on the robots. Since this is your first time working with the robots, please schedule a time slot with the TAs once you completed all the simulations.

Step 3

Write up your solutions using the template provided here : Homework Template. If you prefer, you may use anything else to export a pdf.

Step 4

Submit your homework though Gradescope.

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