CS225A : Homework 0

Due : October 2, 2014

This homework is meant to review basic kinematics taught in Introduction to Robotics (CS223A), and to help students set up the control and simulation environment.

Please direct questions to Piazza.

NOTE : If you do not have experience with programming, or have not taken Introduction to Robotics, please make sure to attend the associated Section on Friday.

Step 0

Install Ubuntu 14.04 on your computer.

Step 1

Make an account on bitbucket.org.

Step 2

Obtain and install the control and simulation system, SCL.

If you do not have Linux installed. Or if you are not familiar with programming in C++, please feel free to follow instructions on the Wiki.

Step 3

Great! You are ready to go. Please go through Tute0 and Tute1. These will help you review kinematics.

Step 4

Once you have done so, please complete the assignments at the end. And write up your solutions using the template provided here : Homework Template.

Step 5

Submit your homework though Gradescope. You will receive an invitation to make an account by Thursday night.

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