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C - ????? For those of you competing in Gates, make sure you use the corrected version of C instead of the stapled one. The online pdf has the correct version.

General For those of you competing in Gates and arriving late, you can pick up a hard-copy of the set from us (we will be in either the basement lobby or Gates 100).

F - Flight Plan Does the bugged flight distance always take a constant-latitude path followed by a constant-longitude path or can it be the reverse depending on which is shorter?

It always takes a constant-latitude path followed by a constant-longitude path.
H - Hunter's Apprentice Is the polygon guaranteed to be convex?

It is not guaranteed.
General The problems are not necessarily in order of difficulty.

E - Election of Evil In the output explanation, T should be V, and S should be U. In other words, the sentence should read:

For each test case, output a space-separated list of the names of representatives from V who can be convinced
to vote for Dylan via a chain from U, in alphabetical order.

General Regarding presentation errors, your output should match the sample output; don't insert trailing whitespace and end each line with a newline character.

C - Card Collecting The problem statement says that Larry has not received a starter pack of S cards. This statement seems to come in mathematical conflict with the second sample case. Can this discrepancy be reconciled?

He is just about to open his starter pack, which takes no time. Also see the problem C clarification for Gates contestants, posted at the beginning of the contest.
F - Flight Plan which of the following is the bugged route from (0, 180) to (90, 0)?
1. (0, 180) -> (0, 0) -> (90, 0)
2. (0, 180) -> (90, 180) which is the same as (90, 0)

It goes through (1).
F - Flight Plan We've received multiple questions from people who misunderstood longitude latitude pairs. Please read the problem explanation carefully!

General If we are programming in Java, what should the name of the class we submit be? I.e. what are the base filenames for each problem?

The class name should be the same as the filename. Any filename for the problem is fine. Please see the contest guidelines for more details.
A - Assembly Required for the second test case in the sample arent there 3 ways to make 5?

1 for the first piece 1 for the third piece and 3 ways to choose 3 for the second?

Read the problem statement carefully.
F - Flight Plan Can you confirm that F is correct and that I'm just an idiot? Seeing the general lack of success, I hold out a glimmer of hope that it's not just me missing an edge case.

We have confirmed that the data are correct.
B - Bulbs What was our runtime and what's the maximum allowed runtime for Python?

The instructions say that all time limits are one second.

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