Sunday, October 11th 2009 - 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Gates B02 (laptop workroom) and Gates B21 (PUP cluster)

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News & Announcements

The official 2009 Stanford Local ACM Programming Contest is now complete! Thanks to all contestants for coming out to make this event another huge success, and to all our sponsors this year for providing pizza and a bunch of great prizes.

Congratulations to the 2009 champions, Vahe Musoyan (round one) and Jaehyun Park (round two). We will be contacting the leading contestants shortly regarding attending our second contest next week to qualify for the official Stanford teams for the upcoming ACM Pacific NW Regional Contest.

SLPC 2009 - Round One
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SLPC 2009 - Round Two
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Once again, Stanford will be hosting a local programming contest to select the students who will represent Stanford at the 2009 ACM Pacific NW Region Programming Contest, and hopefully, at the 2010 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals in Harbin, China!

The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest pits teams of three individuals working on a single computer against a host of problems (typically 7-10) that must be solved in five hours. These problems can generally be solved by careful analysis and application of algorithms taught in undergraduate computer science. Some are quite challenging. For examples, see the problems from previous years of this contest.

The Stanford Local ACM Programming Contest will be an individual contest (students compete as individuals, and not on teams) lasting 4 hours. This year, we will be using the results of not one, but two individual contests to select and form teams to represent Stanford at the regional contest. The best contestants in the local contest will be invited to participate in a second match, and the results of both individual contests will be used to group students into two Stanford teams.

The top three teams at the regional contest qualify for the 2010 World Finals to be held in February. The winning students not only bring fame and glory to their university, but also win scholarships, prizes, and other goodies.

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the contest organizers and team coaches:

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