Friday, September 28th

6:00 PM Online registration for the contest closes! If you are interested in participating, please make sure you are registered by this time.

Friday, October 5th

before 10:00 PM All registered contestants will be sent an email with login instructions and information for the main contest site. If all goes well, there will be practice problems available for which you can submit test solutions to at this time as well. If you registered for the contest, but have not received this confirmation by Friday evening, please contact the contest organizers immediately!

Saturday, October 6th

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
   Gates B08/B12/B30
Students doing the contest in the Gates building, you should find and set up your workspace in one of the computer rooms. Ensure that you are able to edit, compile, and run code on your system. If you are bringing your own laptop to work on, make sure you have a working compiler (for the language of your choice; check the Rules & FAQ page) and a web browser with internet access. We will quickly go over rules and answer questions before the contest starts.
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
   Gates B08/B12/B30
The contest begins! Note that the main contest will be facilitated through a centralized web server with a synchronized start for all participating teams in North America, so don't be late!
2:00 PM
   Gates 100
Head over to Gates 100 after the contest finishes. We will announce the final results of the contest here, and wrap up with a discussion of the problem set for those interested in learning more. There will be free food and refreshments for all contestants.