We invite and welcome all Stanford students to compete in the Stanford Local Programming Contest!

The primary purpose of the Stanford Local Programming Contest is to select our best contestants to formally represent Stanford at the regional and international competitions. Check the criteria below to determine whether or not you would be eligible to compete on one of Stanford's official ACM-ICPC teams. When registering for the local contest, please indicate your official ACM-ICPC eligibility status.

To qualify for a spot on the Stanford ACM-ICPC team:

* i.e. a first-year grad student who has just completed a 4-year degree is eligible. If this last criterion is the only one that applies to you, your eligibility may need to be verified. Please indicate this when registering.

Please refer to the eligibility decision tree published by the ACM-ICPC Eligibility Committee if you are unsure whether or not you are eligible to compete in the ACM-ICPC. The full text of the elegibility requirements can be found on the ACM-ICPC Regional Rules page.