Cisco Info Session

Cisco Tech Talk<br>Tech Talk Presenters: Will Reed and Dario Cazzani <br>Date: February 5, 2020<br>Time: 5pm - 6pm<br>Location: Gates Building, room 104<br>Dinner will be served! <br><br>This event is for Stanford students and invited guests only.&nbsp;<br>Please RSVP via Handshake:&nbsp;<a href="">https://app.joinhandshake.c... Beyond Wakewords<br><br>Abstract: Wakewords offer a simple binary state for AI Assistants. The agent is either aware or not. At Cisco, our AI agent, the Webex Assistant, runs on collaboration hardware packed with sensors. We push this multi-modal sensory information through an array of deep learning models in order to understand the state of the meeting room. Is anyone there? Are they coming or going? Are they gesturing in a way that should trigger an action? This allows us to introduce proactive features that work without a wakeword, while minimizing power usage, computational load and protecting privacy. We will demo how this works and talk about where we are going next.<br><br>Please pre-register for this event if you're interested: <a href="">https://job...

Monday, February 3, 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm