High School Students' FAQ

Where can I find information about admission to Stanford?

Stanford does all undergraduate admissions at the university level. This means that students are admitted to Stanford University and, once enrolled, are free to major in any subject. Students are not admitted to the School of Engineering or the Computer Science Department in particular. For more information about admissions, please see the undergraduate admissions office website.

What classes do I need in High School to major in computer science?

The CS major is a comprehensive program that assumes no prior knowledge of computer science. While we certainly encourage you to explore academic interests while in high school and to participate in activities that you find exciting, many CS majors came to Stanford planning to study something entirely different and they end up doing just as well in the program. Again, you should note that all undergraduate admissions to Stanford are done at the university level, so being particularly prepared in the field of computer science is unlikely to affect your chances of admission.

Where can I find out more about the program?

Almost everything about the CS program at Stanford can be found on the websites for the CS Undergraduate Major, the CS Department, the School of Engineering, or Stanford University. You might also be particularly interested in the Considering CS? site that we've put together for Stanford students who are thinking about majoring in CS. This page describes our program and presents some of the opportunities that are available to CS majors while in school and after they graduate. Finally, if you have questions that have not been addressed on the website, please contact the Course Advisor. The Course Advisor is a master's student who was also a CS undergraduate at Stanford and is available to answer questions regarding the program and clases.

I'm coming to campus. Can I meet with a Professor, take a tour, etc?

Our professors do not meet with prospective students. You are welcome to meet with the Course Advisor, who is a current student here, for any questions about classes or the Computer Science program. The Computer Science Department doesn't offer any tours, but you are welcome to explore the Gates Building. You can arrange general campus tours and admissions information sessions through the Visitor Information Office and the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

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