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Can I take classes on my program sheet credit/no credit?

All courses taken to satisfy major requirements (including the requirements for mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, Technology in Society, and track) must be taken for a letter grade if the instructor offers that option.

The minimum combined GPA (grade point average) for all courses in Engineering Fundamentals and CS Core, Depth and Senior project (combined) is 2.0. The minimum passing grade for any individual course is a D-.

When do I fill out a program sheet?

Fill out a program sheet as soon as you are pretty sure you know what classes you are going to take to graduate. Once you have done that, give the program sheet to Meredith Hutchin. She will look over it, sign it, and keep it on file. Once she approves it, you are guaranteed to graduate if you take the classes you list on your program sheet. You can always fill out another program sheet if you change your mind about the courses you want to take. Having an approved one on file makes your life easier because you know your plan is approved for graduation. It also makes Meredith's life a lot easier if you fill out your sheet early instead of waiting until the last minute. Hard copies of program sheets are available outside of Gates 182.

Which program sheet should I use?

You can use a program sheet from any year since the first year you enrolled at Stanford. However, you cannot mix requirements between program sheets.

How do I get transfer credit?

In order to recieve transfer credit for anything on the front side of the program sheet, you must petition through the School of Engineering. More information on the process is available from the Undergraduate Engineering Handbook. Anything on the back side of the program sheet requires the approval of the CS department. To request an approval, send an email to Jerry Cain (jerry@cs) and CC it to Meredith Hutchin (hutchin@cs). Include the Stanford class for which you are requesting credit, where and when you took the course, it's name and number, for how many units you took the course, a syllabus, and a textbook list.

How do I get deviations to the program sheet approved?

Any changes to the front of the program sheet must be approved by the School of Engineering. More information is available from the Undergraduate Engineering Handbook. Changes to the back side of the program sheet are approved by the CS department. Send an email to the CS Petitions Committee at with a description of what change you would like to make and why. In general, if you just want to know what are the chances of getting a petition approved, you can ask Meredith Hutchin.

Old CS Program Sheets

For details about individual tracks and advice for choosing a track, see the tracks page.

CSE Program Sheets

Note: CSE is a deprecated major (starting 2011-2012).

Digital Systems Specialization

Networking Specialization

Robotics and Mechatronics Specialization

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