Declaring CS

Declaring CS is fairly simple. To declare you must choose an advisor, email and print out your unofficial transcript, declare on Axess, print and fill out a declaration form CS Declaration Form, and come in to see the course advisor during office hours. You can read more about these steps below.

Step 1 (Optional) - Choose an Advisor

The CS department lets students choose their own advisors, so students have the opportunity to pick someone who will be helpful for their academic, professional, and personal interests. Your advisor can be any lecturer or non-courtesy faculty member. If you would like to specify an advisor, you are welcome to meet with them ahead of time to ask if they will be your advisor. Your first choice may not be available, depending on the size of their advising group.

However, note that the department will assign you an advisor according to your interests if you don't have a specific individual in mind. Feel free to declare even if you don't have a preexisting connection with a faculty member! It's perfectly acceptable to declare early with an advisor (maybe a lecturer or a professor in a field you might be interested in) and then switch to another advisor later when you know more about your professional and academic interests. Changing advisors is very easy, so don't let this stop you from declaring. For more information about how to choose an advisor, see the choosing an advisor page and the list of faculty members available as advisors.

Step 2 - Fill out a declaration form

You need to fill out the CS declaration form. There are several steps you must take when filling out the form, also listed below:

Step 3 - See the Course Advisor

When you have finished steps 1 and 2, come see the course advisor during office hours (no appointment necessary). It may take up to two weeks for your declaration to be processed, so if you need to be declared by a specific date for any purpose, please plan ahead accordingly. Also, please note that the course advisor does not have office hours during finals week, during breaks, or over the summer, and it is not possible to declare during those times.

Note: print a copy of your transcript, in addition to emailing it to the Course Advisor.

The course advisor will do several things when you come in:

After Declaring

Once you come in and see the course advisor, it can take up to two weeks for your declaration to be processed. About two weeks after you declare, you might want to do the following things to make sure your declaration was successful. If there is a problem with any of these, please email or visit the course advisor.

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