Welcome, Computer Science undergraduates and prospective students! The Computer Science department has a variety of opportunities for undergrads to engage with CS, whether it be majoring, minoring, teaching, doing research, or taking a few courses here and there.

So you're considering CS?

In the last quarter of a century, progress in Computer Science has been enormously rapid, fueling exciting and creative transformations within the field as well as applications in other fields. Stanford's Computer Science Department was founded in 1965 and has consistently enjoyed the reputation of being one of the top computer science programs in the world.You do not need any prior background to study CS! Many students start taking the introductory CS106 courses with no prior experience coding. For more information about what it's like studying CS at Stanford, check out our Considering CS? page. If you are a high school student, check out the High School FAQ.

Looking for degree requirements?

Check out the Major Requirements page for major requirements, and the Declaring page if you're looking to declare. Check out the Minor Requirements page for minor requirements and the Coterm page if you're interested in coterming. For petitions and transfers, check out the Petitions page. See our Department Signatures page to get a form signed.


Congratulations! We want to make sure you have all of your coursework together so there are no last minute surprises. The quarter before you graduate, check for an email from the CS Department on the bscs email list for instructions on submitting your final program sheet, making sure your petitions and transfers are approved, getting any major/minor forms signed, and ensuring that proper classes are transferred between degrees if you are a coterm. See our Department Signatures page to get a form signed.

Looking for opportunities?

Take a look at how to do research in CS on our Research page, attending CS events on our Events page, and finding internships and full-time jobs on our Recruiting page.

Not sure who to talk to?

Check our our Who To See page.

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