Coterminal Program

Coterm Application Fee:  $125 coterm application fee will be assessed for each matriculated coterm student (students who accept the coterm admit offer.)

Please note that the Coterm program is for current Stanford students only. Procedures for applying are different from our regular Masters admissions process.  

Note: Coterm approval forms should be signed by your undergraduate major department student services administrator.

Qualifying for Coterminal Status:

  • All Applicants must have earned 120 units toward graduation (UTG) as shown on the undergraduate unofficial transcript. This includes allowable Advanced Placement (AP) and transfer credit.

  • Applications must be submitted no later than the quarter prior to the expected completion of your undergraduate degree. In general, applications would have to be filed in Winter Quarter prior to the Spring Quarter graduation.

  • Applications must be submitted by the deadline for each quarter.

  • The Computer Science Dept. requires that applicants must be registered students (not on "Leave of Absence" status).   

Please note the deadlines for Coterm Applicants.

The online application to the coterm program can be found here. Your supporting documents (university/registrar coterm forms, statement of purpose, resume, unofficial transcripts must be uploaded on the system. Also note that the Computer Science Department requires 3 letters of recommendation. 

You do have the ability to save your application and return to complete it at a later date by hitting the "save" button. After you have completed the application please hit the "submit" button. You will not be able to make changes to your application after you have pressed the "submit" button. Please be sure to "submit" your application by 11:59pm PST the day of the deadline. No late submissions will be accepted.


  1. Completed CS Coterm Application Form submitted online.

  2. Statement of Purpose submitted as part of the online application.

    • Instead of turning in a preliminary program proposal, the department requests that you write about general coursework that you are planning on taking as part of your coterm program within the body of your Statement of Purpose. Your Statement of Purpose should be concise, focused, and well written. It should describe succinctly your reasons for applying to the proposed program at Stanford.

  3. Three letters of recommendation.

    • In the online application, you will be asked to identify your recommenders and their email addresses. Please notify your recommenders that they will receive an email prompt to submit their recommendation online.
      You must submit a minimum/maximum of 3 recommendation letters and they must be submitted through the online application system.

    • We recommend that at least 2 of these letters be from academic sources. Please have your recommender write candidly about your qualifications, potential to carry on advanced study in the field specified, intellectual independence, capacity for analytical thinking, ability to organize and express ideas clearly, and potential for teaching. In describing such attributes as motivation, intellect, and maturity, specific examples are more useful than generalizations.

  4. Transcripts -  You are required to upload copies of your unofficial transcripts into the online application. 

    • GPA calculation: Maximum GPA at Stanford for most students is 4.3. It is best to use the GPA that is reflected in Axess as of the application deadline.

GREs are not required for coterm applicants.

It will not be possible to answer inquiries regarding the status of any application. We will contact you if any component of your application is missing.If you have questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to

FORM: Coterm Response to Offer of Admission Form