The Stanford Honor Code

The Computer Science Department takes the Honor Code very seriously and expects students to do the same. The good news is the vast majority of students will do so. The bad news is that all historical evidence indicates that some students in computer science will submit work that is not their own, shortchanging not only their own learning but undermining the atmosphere of trust and individual achievement that characterizes Stanford's academic community.

There is no desire to create a climate in which students feel as if they are under suspicion. The entire point of the Stanford Honor Code is that everyone benefits from working in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Students who deliberately take advantage of that trust, however, poison that atmosphere for everyone. As members of the Stanford community, we all have a responsibility to protect academic integrrity for the benefit of the community as a whole. 

The Office of Community Standards is your best resource for questions about the Honor Code. 

Here's a 3-minute video on upholding the honor code in CS assignments.