Zhenghao Chen

Email: firstname at cs.stanford.edu (where firstname is "zhenghao")

About Me

I'm a 2nd year undergraduate majoring in computer science at Stanford University. I am interested in machine learning, specifically deep learning/unsupervised feature learning, computer vision and computational biology. I work under Prof. Andrew Ng and Prof. Daphne Koller.


J. Ngiam, Z. Chen, P. Koh, A. Ng.
Learning deep energy models.
ICML 2011.
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A. Saxe, P. Koh, Z. Chen, M. Bhand, B. Suresh, A. Ng
On random weights and unsupervised feature learning.
ICML 2011 and NIPS 2010 Workshop on Deep Learning and Unsupervised Feature Learning
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Q. Le, J. Ngiam, Z. Chen, D. Chia, P. Koh, A. Ng.
Tiled convolutional neural networks.
NIPS 2010.
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