Hello there.

My name is Evan Strasnick. I'm a Ph.D. student in the field of Human-Computer Interaction at Stanford University.

I think technology is neat, but not neat enough. For all of the amazing things that it can do, it doesn't seem to take advantage of the amazing things that I can do as a human being. I can find the key I need in my pocket using only my sense of touch. I can construct a map from objects on my desk to help convey directions. I can tell where someone is and how they're feeling by the sound of their voice. But my computer doesn't present me with rich textures, or allow me to reshape its form, or even move about physical locations in my world.

Technology lies at the very top of a human sensory iceberg. My research aims to dig deeper, allowing humans to experience or control technology with the same richness of interaction that we use in the physical world. I deal in shape-change, haptics, augmented reality, multi-modal input, gaze control, sensory substitution, and much more. I also enjoy developing tools that help others to create such systems with me.

Glorious Advisors:

Sean Follmer (Mechanical Engineering) and Maneesh Agrawala (Computer Science)

Undergraduate Home:

Princeton University, the Best Old Place of Allâ„¢.
B.S.E. in Computer Science

Non-Research Hobbies:

Theater, fencing, gaming, rock climbing, karaoke, puzzle hunts, spicy food, languages