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Partly because of continued strong employer demand for computer science majors and partly because of the collapse of opportunities elsewhere, the number of students choosing to major in computer science has increased significantly this year, both at Stanford and at other universities in the United States. Over the last couple of months, there has been a fair amount of press coverage of this rebound in student numbers. This page contains several links to articles about this topic.

  1. The Computing Research Association report on the rebound, March 16, 2009.
    (“Computer Science Majors Increase at Most Significant Rate Since Dot Com Boom”)

  2. John Markoff’s story in the New York Times about the CRA report on March 17.
    (“Computer Science Programs Make a Comeback in Enrollment”)

  3. A piece in the CIO online magazine from the same day.
    (“Computer Science Major Is Hot Again”)

  4. An interview on KCBS radio that was picked up in a number of places.

  5. Steve Lohr’s piece in the “Week in Review” section of the New York Times for April 12.
    (“With Finance Disgraced, Which Career Will Be King?”)