My Group

Current PhD students

Adam Coates

Post Doc, Computer Science

Alex Karpenko

PhD Student, Computer Science

Quoc Le

PhD Student, Computer Science

Andrew Maas

PhD Student, Computer Science

Jiquan Ngiam

PhD Student, Computer Science

Andrew Saxe

PhD Student, Psychology

Richard Socher

PhD Student, Computer Science

Former PhD Students and Post Docs

Alan Asbeck

Post Doc, Harvard University
Thesis: Compliant Directional Suspensions for Climbing with Spines and Adhesives (2010)

Pieter Abbeel

Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
Thesis: Apprenticeship Learning and Reinforcement Learning with Application to Robotic Control (2008)

Chuong (Tom) Do

Head of Analytics, Coursera
Thesis: Discriminative probabilistic models for biological sequence analysis (2009)

J. Zico Kolter

Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Thesis: Learning and Control with Inaccurate Models (2010)

Honglak Lee

Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Thesis: Unsupervised Feature Learning via Sparse Hierarchical Representations (2010)

Rajat Raina

Research Scientist, Facebook
Thesis: Self-taught learning (2009)

Morgan Quigley

Open Source Robotics Foundation
Thesis: Hardware and Software Systems for Personal Robots (2012)

Ashutosh Saxena

Assistant Professor, Cornell University
Thesis: Monocular Depth Perception and Robotic Grasping of Novel Objects (2009)

Rion Snow

Thesis: Semantic Taxonomy Induction: Theory and Applications (2009)