See the Computer Forum Website for more details about recruiting and other events.

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How do I learn about activities and events in the CS department?

If you are a declared CS major, you should be on the CS students mailing list. If you are not on the mailing list, please email the Course Advisor. If you have not yet declared but are considering CS, join the considering_cs mailing list and visit the considering CS page.

How do I become a section leader?

Please see the CS198 Website for more information about the section leading program.

How many CS classes should I take this quarter?

Most students find that 2-3 classes is a manageable workload, but different students find different workloads comfortable. Most students find they are able to handle more CS classes per quarter as they advance in the major. For more details see the courseload recommendations webpage.

How can I get a summer job or internship? How do I get a full-time job?

The Computer Forum is the corporate affiliate program for the CS department. The Forum handles, among other things, a job announcements email list, company information sessions, and a technology job fair in January. The Computer Forum handles recruting for only its member companies; for information about other companies, see the Career Development Center Website. For more about doing research during the summer, see the research page and the CURIS website.

How do I file to graduate? Can I participate in the graduation ceremony even if I am not receiving a diploma?

If you are actually graduating and recieving your diploma, you need to do two things. First, make sure to fill out a program sheet and turn it in to Claire Stager at least one quarter before you intend to graduate. Then you must file to graduate on Axess. There is a deadline for this; check the academic calendar. If you are not actually graduating, but you want to walk through at graduation, then you should keep an eye out during spring quarter for an email announcement from Claire. She will send out mail to the BSCS list when walk-through petitions are available, and you need to fill one of those. The university requires you to have at least 165 units in order to walk through at graduation.

How does the Honor Code apply to CS?

Each person is expected to submit his or her own work. In particular, attempting to take credit for someone else's work by turning it in as one's own constitutes plagiarism, a serious violation of basic academic standards. For more details, please read the honor code page.

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